There are millions of apps and games, whether on the Apple Store or Google Play, and this fact in itself explains the importance of the market for apps and games for smartphones. Now Apple, and then Google, began to exploit this great importance of this market by providing a smart and fast solution to reach the best gaming experience in exchange for a simple monthly subscription, which was done through the services of Apple Please and Google Play Pass, so which is better, and which one provides an ideal user experience?

Apple Arcade and its gaming advantage

The first thing we should pay attention to when comparing Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass is simply that Apple Arcade is a gaming service in the first place, unlike Google. This is, firstly, secondly, the game content provided by the Apple Arcade service is completely exclusive content and is not available to anyone who does not have a subscription to the service to access it.

Apple has cooperated with a large number of global developers in developing Apple Arcade games, including Sega, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Devolver Digital, Snowman, and a large number of games have already been developed and are available to play because the service has already become available and according to the initial tests, the games are very impressive and enough Its exclusivity for Apple devices is this as one of the most important features about Apple Arcade is that it enables you to play your games on almost all Apple devices, from the iPhone to TV and Mac. Perhaps the only criticism of Apple Arcade is that it offers entertaining games but it does not provide a real gaming experience as it is the case on Professional gaming devices such as the Playstation, for example.

Google Play Pass and the diversity it offers

Google has taken a completely different approach, as instead of cooperating with developers and programmers in developing entirely new games, it will only enable current Android games, and this is where by subscribing to Play Pass you will be able to play paid Android games without purchasing them, as well as you will be able to play free games without being exposed. For any ads and without the need to purchase any in-game purchases as it will not be available in the first place (but this is all for the games included in the Play Pass, not all Android games).

Perhaps the worst thing about Google PlayPass is that it doesn't offer anything new! As all the games available on it are known Android games, but the user will be able to play them without any obstacles such as buying them or paying inside them. On the other hand, Play Pass has a great feature that it allows you to get paid applications also through the same subscription, and this makes it a comprehensive service more than Arcade that we mentioned the fact that it is more dedicated to games.

What are the prices of PlayPass and Apple Arcade? What value does it provide?

The two services come at one price, which is $ 4.99 per month, but Google may excel here a little because it offers an excellent offer, which is a subscription for a full year for $ 1.99 per month, roughly $ 24 for the full year, but this offer will be for the first year only.

As for the value provided by each service, here it depends on your personal judgment as well as the device that you own, as Apple Arcade offers exclusive games designed specifically for it with the ability to play on the Mac or Apple TV, this while PlayPass includes applications and games at the same time, but They are all old, not exclusive and on the other hand, only available for your Android phone.

Are the two services available? Is it possible to play without the Internet?

Apple Arcade service began to be available globally on September 19, in more than 150 countries around the world. While PlayPass is only available in America at the present time, it will gradually begin to be available in other countries.

The Apple Arcade service is distinguished once again in its support for playing without an Internet connection, as each of the games on the service will be available to work without an Internet connection, which is a terrible feature. This is while the opposite is not true for PlayPass as some games and applications may not support playing Without an internet connection.

Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass are in points.

• Apple Arcade includes exclusive games not available anywhere else
• Play Pass includes paid games and applications, but they are not exclusive or new
• Apple Arcade includes 71 games at the moment
• You can get games and applications on the Play Pass without subscribing by purchasing them normally or downloading free copies of them, if any.
• Apple Arcade gives you a free month when you start subscribing to it, while the Play Pass gives you 10 days for free, after which they are both at $ 4.99 per month
• Games and applications in the two services do not contain in-house payments
• The two services allow Family Sharing, where you can share the service with 5 of your family members in Play Pass or 6 in Apple Arcade.

We contented ourselves with showing you the full picture, as it is you who will decide which of the two services is the best ... We await your comment! Have you tried Apple Arcade, let us know what you think


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