Apple Siri voice assistant Crab It can help you with many things like opening a specific app, searching for something on the internet or reminding you of an important date but that's not all, apparently Siri has a sense of humor and when you ask funny and silly questions or whatever you can think of, you will find out Witty and sometimes funny answers Let's find out some questions you can ask Siri and you will be surprised by the answer.

Funny things to ask Siri

Because Siri has a sense of humor, you can ask him to tell some jokes or say funny things and Siri will not hesitate and will tell you funny things and believe me, you will not be disappointed. Here are some things that you can ask Siri:

  • Hey Siri, tell me a joke
  • Hey Siri, what is zero divided by zero
  • Hey Siri, make a beatbox
  • Hey Siri, sing me a song
  • Hey Siri, tell me a story
  • Hey Siri, how much money do you make

General questions to ask Siri


Apple's voice assistant knows a lot about everything, you can ask him illogical or unanswered questions and he will tell you logical and realistic answers as follows:

  • Hey Siri, will you take the red pill or the blue pill (The Matrix movie)
  • Hey Siri, do you follow the Three Laws of Robots (No harm to humans - Humans must be obeyed - Preserve itself without conflict with the first and second laws)
  • Hey Siri, Is Jon Snow Dead (Game of Thrones)
  • Hey Siri, Is Winter Coming (Game of Thrones)
  • Hey Siri, where is Elvis Presley?

Ask Siri who's best

When you ask Siri to tell you about the best products in the tech world, of course he will pick Apple products but he also has good things to say about competitors like Alexa. Here are some questions you can ask Siri:

  • Hey Siri, what do you think of Alexa?
  • Hey Siri, are you Alexa?
  • Hey Siri, what's the best OS?
  • Hey Siri, what's the best phone?
  • Hey Siri, what is the best virtual assistant?
  • Hey Siri, what's the best PC?
  • Hey Siri, what's the best watch?

Ask Siri . personal questions

You can ask Siri personal questions and he won't be embarrassed and will answer you nicely like this:

  • Hey Siri, I love you
  • Hey Siri, do you love me?
  • Hey Siri, are you married?
  • Hey Siri, tell me about Liam (Apple's iPhone disassembly robot)

In the end, these questions are neither fat nor satiating but maybe you use them when you don't have anything to do or when you are bored, then you can spend some quality time with Siri because he has a lot of great answers to any question whatsoever.

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