There is no doubt that Apple always takes the initiative and risks everything new, as we have seen how it has made bold decisions such as removing the home button, headphone port, bump, and so on. Apple is still working on creating new ideas and concepts, which are announced day after day through the patent office, including what Apple is implementing in later devices, and some of them will remain locked in drawers for a long time, so what did Apple patents reveal this time?

Waking up the Apple Watch screen with a breeze of air, is that possible!

One of the new ideas that Apple registered as a patent is for an Apple Watch that enables watch owners to interact with their watch through a puff of air on its screen only. How the blow can interact on the Apple Watch screen and give responses and reactions, where users can use it to light the screen and see what's on it so that they can see notifications and then respond to or interact with them and more.

The patent titled "Inflating and switching position with an electronic device" describes a sensor system dedicated to detecting air being blown into it and then responding. The sensor will be located outside the device but protected to prevent incorrect responses. It will be able to detect pressure changes as air flows over it.

The blow-detection system will communicate with the motion sensor to detect when a person is moving and note if changes in pressure are due to movement or intentional user interaction. The system can also be optimized to work with multiple puffs of air or a time limit to reduce any unintended outside air flow. This patent comes within a series of patents in the field of air recognition, whether for the iPhone or for the watch.

The patent was filed by Apple, filed in March 2020 and approved at the end of August. It is one of several other patents that explore different ways of hands-free control on the Apple Watch and other devices.

What do you think of this patent? Do you see it as practical or required? Or is it phishing that Apple makes money if someone else uses it? Tell us in the comments below.



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