The iPad mini was finally announced in its new look and we have listed the list of features in -This article-. Many followers, including myself, have been eagerly awaiting this update. I prefer the iPad mini and consider it the most suitable iPad for many purposes. In this article, I will share with you why I prefer the iPad mini, as we explain what may prompt some to refrain from buying.

Easy to carry and beautiful design

Frankly, it was my opinion that the design of the old iPad mini is excellent as it is and does not need to be changed. But of course it is outdated and we need to change. So the new iPad mini came with a design similar to the new iPad designs with a full screen size of 8.3 inches. With the change in design, we have a device with a modern design that can be easily carried in the outer bag pocket.

But don't believe Apple's ads, you can't easily put it in your pants pocket.

Performance enough for everything and more

The custom was previously that the iPad mini either gets a slightly weaker chip or gets a chip similar to the iPhone, but after its release a year or so. Where the iPad mini is always a little weaker than the latest Apple devices in the processor. As for now, the iPad mini has the latest A15 processor, which is similar to the iPhone 13 Pro and is stronger in graphics even than the regular iPhone 13. This will of course come with years of updates and the best possible performance in games and design software.

The best device for reading lovers

Perhaps you love reading and fill your device with books, whether read or audio. The best new device for you is probably the iPad mini. The size means that it can be carried with one hand to read anywhere and for long periods of time without getting tired of carrying it. The screen also has a layer that reduces light reflections for a more comfortable reading.

And since I'm also a fan of reading, I know how many readers feel when they are targeted by poorly read-only devices. But my love of reading doesn't mean I don't want extra features on my device like playing games, watching videos, or even using Office files on the go. Therefore, the new iPad, with its strength and small size, is the best choice that Apple provides if you are a fan of small devices for easy mobility or love to read.

The best gaming device

Games on the App Store are rapidly evolving to become more and more attractive every year. There is a whole audience of fans of playing on these devices. But despite the power of the iPhone, its screen is rather small, especially if you like to use a small device such as the iPhone SE or the iPhone 12/13 mini. Also, the normal iPad, Air and Pro are very large, so it is not comfortable to carry and play, especially for long periods.

The iPad mini comes in just the right size for gaming. It is close to the size of devices dedicated to playing on the go, and it is easy to carry, but with a screen size that provides a much better gaming experience than the iPhone.

Get rid of the burden of a large iPhone

You or your friend may have been in this situation repeatedly. You want to buy a new iPhone and may prefer the smaller size to be comfortable in your hand when using and in your pocket when carrying. But you want a bigger iPhone for one reason. Maybe watching a video, playing games or reading. For these reasons, you carry an iPhone that does not comfort you most of the time.

If you are in this situation, you can buy the iPhone, which is convenient for you in most uses, and then later buy the iPad mini and use it in all these uses that draw on the larger size while obtaining additional storage capacity and an easy-to-carry device in the bag.

Also, don't let the numbers fool you. Although the screen size of the iPhone Pro Max is 6.7 inches and the iPad Mini is 8.3 inches, which does not seem to be a big difference in the number, but the actual screen size of the iPhone Pro Max is smaller than half the size of the iPad mini screen.

Read iPhone Islam

Believe me, brother, from experience, the iPad mini is a great device for reading iPhone Islam articles and any other type of articles.

The negatives of the device

Although the new device is great, it has some main negatives for some, which are as follows:

◉ 60 Hz screen: Although I personally think that high-speed screens (120 Hz) are not a big deal in iOS devices, there are people I know who are willing to refrain from buying completely if this technology is not available in the devices. So if you are one of them, this device is not for you.

◉ We don't know the RAM yet: If you need the device to use programs that depend heavily on the size of the temporary memory RAM, such as drawing programs, which enable you to put a greater number of layers in devices with higher RAM, you may have to wait. Since Apple has not announced these details, we have to wait for the device to reach users. Also, Apple's habit with older devices was that the iPad mini has less RAM than its older siblings.

◉ USB C Connection: This may be a positive for some and a negative for others. For example, I own an iPhone and love to use the iPad to read, video, and play on the go. I always carry a power bank with me to charge devices. And the difference between the iPhone and the iPad means that I can no longer use one wire to charge the two devices easily. My personal opinion is that the iPad mini, which is not a professional device like the Pro, should match the iPhone. Either make the iPhone USB-C or make the iPad mini lightning like the iPhone.

◉ No headphone input: Yes. If you're hoping to keep the headphone jack, prepare for some frustration.

What do you think of the new iPad mini? Do you prefer it or do you prefer the larger size? Share your opinion

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