Apple intends to launch mixed reality glasses in the spring of this year 2023

Apple intends to launch mixed reality glasses in the spring of this year 2023, now after seven years of development, it seems that the long-awaited mixed reality glasses we will see soon. Perhaps it will start making it available to the public this fall of 2023


Customize the settings for each application separately on the iPhone

The process of customizing applications on the iPhone is possible, but not known by many, for example, making the font for an application very large, but without changing the font in the entire system. And you can customize apps with some simple but important things through a setting hidden in the accessibility settings, called Per-App settings.


A new test that shows how much battery drain is in the Always On Display feature

With support for the Always On Display feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, many users wondered about the effect of the feature on battery life. And a new video posted to YouTube takes a closer look at the amount of battery drain with the always-on display feature.


Apple decides to permanently get rid of its economical iPhone SE 4

It was expected that the fourth generation of the iPhone SE would be based on the design of the iPhone XR, but it is clear that this will not happen anymore because the company decided to refer the iPhone SE 4 to retirement before its expected launch in 2024, why? Follow the article with us...


[632] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An app that predicts if a pilot's flight will be delayed, an app that beautifully displays different device information, an app that lets you know if your ISP is slowing down a specific site, and other great apps for this week as chosen by iPhone Islam editors.


News on the margin the week December 30 - January 5

With the launch of the first activities of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2023, a device connected to the iPhone to do urine analysis at home, and the announcement of new screens from Samsung and Dell that compete with Apple Studio and XDR screens, the return of the Fortnite game to the Apple App Store soon, and other exciting news in Ali Margin…


Hidden tricks in the application of the calculator on the iPhone know them

The calculator application is one of the most important and widely used applications on our phones, but our knowledge of its characteristics and features does not exceed a few, such as simple calculations, how to scan numbers, and so on. Know some subtleties that improve your experience with this application


Apple reveals a new increase in the price of iPhone battery replacement

It seems that everything is rising in price in the recent period due to the economic recession, global inflation and the high exchange rate of the dollar, and for this reason Apple decided to increase the price of one of its services. When you try to replace the battery of your iPhone out of warranty, you will pay more than you usually pay.


How to use portrait mode on the iPhone in applications

Third-party application developers can take advantage of the photography feature in portrait mode on the iPhone, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Zoom and others. In any app other than Apple's Camera app requirement, if you want to enable Portrait mode, open Control Center and choose "Video Effects" and then enable "Portrait"


How to fix iPhone videos that do not work on Android phones

If you transfer a video from an iPhone to an Android phone, but it did not work, or there is some problem in playing it. You may have a problem with the sound, or the screen may be black and nothing appears. Whatever the problem, what is the cause of that problem and what is the solution?


Change the iPhone line on the entire iOS 16 system

But if you have a desire to experiment and take risks, one of the developers has developed a new tool through which you can change the font of the iPhone on the entire system, provided that you are using a version older than iOS 16.2. Knowing that this tool does not perform a jailbreak, but only exploits a loophole that was available in older versions.


[631] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An app that enables you to make a doll out of movie characters with your facial features, an app that is best for keeping passwords, an app that uses artificial intelligence to search the Internet, and other great apps for this week as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


News on the margin Week 23 - 29 December

LG unveils a camera that removes the notch in phones, rising shipments of foldable screens and increasing competition, the emergence of a font problem in iPhone 14 screens, a Tesla charger similar to AirPower and the beginning of manufacturing 3nm processors, and reshaping iPhone models due to weak Plus version sales.


“D” brings those who work in the field of Islamic applications, so that we can benefit from their experience

When the “DAL” team contacted me to be a guest in one of the episodes of the program, and the idea of ​​the DAL project was explained to me, I was very happy with this project. Finally, we will see who are behind these Islamic applications that we have benefited from throughout these years. Finally, we will see these faces, these determinations, Finally we will hear their stories, and we will benefit from their experience.


Lawsuit: Apple Watch's oxygen sensor not configured for dark skin

A new class-action lawsuit alleges that the blood oxygen sensor in the Apple Watch is not configured to accurately test for dark skin (black or brown) and must therefore pay Apple for what some say is racial bias against them.


The European Union will force Apple to use replaceable batteries

What do you do when your iPhone needs a new battery? You can go to one of the maintenance centers approved by Apple and the battery will be replaced, but it seems that all this will change soon thanks to the legislation enacted by the European Union on smart phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung.


Eight helpful tips for AirPods and AirPods Pro owners

If you just bought a new AirPods or AirPods Pro, here are eight helpful tips and tricks to improve your experience with them such as: Keep your AirPods secure with Find My, activate or deactivate automatic device switching, use Active Noise Cancellation and more, continue with the article…


A problem with the iPhone 14 Pro and the solution soon

Many iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users have reported via social media such as Reddit and Twitter that a line or several horizontal lines appear on the screen after turning on their devices.


Because of a mistake, Apple canceled the super graphics processor on the iPhone 14 Pro

Apple's plan was initially to integrate a new generation of unparalleled graphic processing on the iPhone 14 Pro, and steps were taken in this matter and development began, but an error occurred that made it retreat at a late stage.


An application to my prayers

We are working hard for my prayer app to become the best prayer times app, and a number of updates have been released, each bringing great features, to this unique app, so let us tell you why the prayer app is different from other prayer apps…


News on the margin Week 16 - 21 December

Apple still sells the refurbished Apple Watch 3, but we do not recommend buying, and Samsung has priority to develop OLED screens for the iPad Pro 2024, and Apple cancels or postpones the iPhone SE 4 and other exciting news in the margins…


Apple unveils new AirTag features in its latest update

Apple has released two firmware updates for AirTag devices since last November, AirTag 2.0.24 and 2.0.36, but no information was provided about the features or improvements contained in these updates at the time. Earlier this week, Apple published a support document explaining the new updates.


Depth effect in iOS 16 lock screen, try this amazing feature

Many iPhone users are having difficulty running the Depth Effect to work with lock screen backgrounds in iOS 16. Here's more than one method that might help you with this


The problem of the iPhone alarm not ringing sometimes

What if the iPhone did not ring and missed the specified time, then it will be a problem for you, and for this we will learn about ways that will fix the problem of the iPhone alarm not ringing.


Apple is collaborating with Google to develop a tool to measure the speed of web browsers

Using a browser with strong and fast performance means getting an unparalleled browsing experience, and this is what Apple and Google will offer us in the coming period, as the two companies are working alongside Mozilla on the new generation of web browsers that we will see soon.


What's new in iOS 16.2 (Part XNUMX)

The iOS 16.2 update came with great features and improvements, including improvements to AirDrop, changes to the Weather app, as well as to the Shortcuts app, Safari, and more. In this article, we complete the most important things mentioned in the new update.


[630] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An application for correcting typos, an application that enables you to put your videos inside a template in the form of the iPhone, a useful application for readers, as it collects all your quotes from books, and other great applications for this week, according to the editors' choice - iPhone Islam


News on the margin Week 9 - 15 December

Soon support for sideloading and alternative application stores on the iPhone, and the Microsoft Authenticator application for the Apple Watch will be stopped, and the first beta versions of the iOS 16.3 update will be launched, and Tim Cook praises Sony, and other news on the sidelines.


What's new in iOS 16.2 (Part XNUMX)

Apple launched the iOS 16.2 update, and it includes a large package of new features, improvements, and new features, including a completely new application, better control of Siri, a significant improvement to the Shortcuts application, and more.


Apple releases iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 update

This update is not an ordinary update, but rather a major update and brings a number of new features such as the new application called Free Space, the karaoke feature in the Apple Music application, huge changes in the lock screen, and many improvements, let's get to know the new of this update and update our devices immediately.